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About Us

We Are... Foundation builders

We build the foundation for creative and talented people, empowering individuals to PLUG-IN and collaborate to deliver the best Digital Marketing.

We Do... growth-driven design

Our mission is helping small business owners reach their full potential, using Growth-Driven Design principles and techniques to fully explore the following questions:

What is the core business?

Who is the target audience? (buyer personas)

Where is the target audience? (audience segmentation strategy)

What is the easiest path to reach the target audience and convert them to customers? (attractive volume service or product offers)

We Focus... On Digital

Digital media is a vast frontier filled with many services, from ADs, Organic Search & Paid, eCommerce, Websites & Branding.

Our primary services are:

Strategic marketing with digital ADs & lead capture funnels

eCommerce website design & development

SEO, website design & branding

Our primary clients are:

B2B & B2C customers in the Medical, Manufacturing Retail & Professional Sectors

The team


Nauman Khan Founder & CEO

Master Juggler

For the last 12 years, Nauman has delighted clients with his attention to detail and the results he has achieved for them, culminating in many loyal clients and friendships.

While Nauman enjoys meeting and strategizing new campaigns with clients, he specializes in getting his clients to the front page of Google and gain national exposure. As a leader and project manager, he excels at communicating effectively with his clients and his team.

Having built several businesses, Nauman has a firm grasp of business strategies and processes that go far beyond his marketing skills. As a result, he keeps his clients engaged and moving forward.


Andrew Crowe Creative Director

Creative Mage

Andrew has over two decades of experience in digital design & branding; creating unique concepts and building on foundational marketing is just one of his many skills.

He began his digital career at a boutique Toronto design firm where his clients included notable Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists and Professionals.

His design expertise spans a wide range, including web design, advertising, marketing collateral, brand identity & web development.

From a one-off idea to a full design & marketing strategy, Andrew always brings a client's brand to life, aligning the client's goals with design and messaging that engages the target audience.


Randy Dueck Technology Director

Technical Wizard

Residing in the Greater Vancouver area, Randy has worked in various roles and continues to grow his skills and expertise that serve his passion for helping our clients build their business.
Notably, some of Randy’s experience lies in owning a brick & mortar business for nine years, working in the accounting field, and providing Tier 3 Technical support for Enterprise companies.

Randy finds, discovers and integrates the needed technologies to solve complex problems. With so many options available online, it can be challenging to find the best choice for a situation; this is where Randy excels and puts his wizardry into action. With much research and testing, Randy can solve problems by implementing systems that improve efficiency and stability.


John Jiang Digital ADs Manager

ADs Master

John has been working in the digital marketing field for more than five years on both agency & corporate projects. He has managed over 5 million dollars in ad spend over the last few years and has mastery with handling small-large businesses accounts in various industries.

He has solid digital marketing acumen in paid ads across different channels (Google, social, native ads, amazon ads, etc.) and a keen eye for analyzing data. He believes in decision-making based on data and uses data modelling to improve overall business objectives.

Content Manager

Heather Hauka Content Manager

The Quill

Heather is a renaissance woman due to her neverending curiosity; she studies diverse topics from fine art to homeopathy, biofeedback, and plastic surgery.

She is an avid reader who seeks out health news and new research findings for fun. She’s particularly interested in patient education, empowerment and advocacy. “Today’s patients are right to be skeptical of wild claims or curious about risks, yet the maze of procedure information, preparation and recovery can be overwhelming and confusing.”

Heather enjoys taking the mystery out of aesthetic, cosmetic and wellness services so more people can access better lives and health.

She is a welcome addition to our medical marketing team.


Angie Liang Social Media Manager

The Socialite

Angie has been involved in social media at a professional level for over five years, developing social media strategies for small to medium businesses that work.

Leveraging the power of social media, Angie helps build strong foundations on all social media channels, enabling our clients to have a social presence that stands above the competition.

She is passionate about social engagement. With a keen eye for marketing and social media trends, she is on the pulse of social trends, enabling our clients to build a strong following, dynamic and exciting social media presence.


Shazia Khan Operations

Paperwork Goddess

Before joining Ampere, Shazia as a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, enjoyed successful careers in law and insurance. She developed excellent analytical and communication skills allowing her to provide valuable assistance to her clients.

Shazia has always maintained a keen interest in marketing and business operations and was a natural fit for the Ampere team. She prides herself in quickly and effectively analyzing her clients' concerns and offering creative solutions to arising issues.


Sheheryar Amin Content Supervisor

The Whip

Ibrahim Saleem Content Specialist

Word Smith

Ains Ellis Website Developer

Mr. Cool

Ayesha Rafiq Video & Creative

Digital Maven

Ruluin Yuan Video Production

Video Star

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Stay tuned for our complete launch

We are in the process of rebranding, but, remain client-focused during these difficult times, helping everyone pivot and take advantage of the marketing opportunities unfolding in many business sectors.